Gategrrl (gategrrl) wrote in kill_dr_weir,

The third episode of the season, and Weir is now gone. At least, the way of the recurring character. I thought the character and the actress handled the exit very well. I thought TH was good enough to hold up against David Ogden Stier, who is an actor (in my opinion) with a LOT of presence. She held up better than Tapping ever could.

Will Carter be a more ethically unchallenged leader than Weir? Will she be the Big Sistah that Weir couldn't be? Or will Carter use the Jack template of being the inaccessible Leader with a Dark Past? No, Dark Past is NOT Carter's forte. But I'm sure the writers will pony up some other badly written female torturous character note (cliche, trope)

What do you think of Weir's exit - is it worthy of her? And how do you think Carter is shaping up as the new leader? 
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