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Kill Dr. Weir

Kill Dr Weir, you say?

Kill Dr. Weir

"I am become Death"

Kill Dr Weir, you say?

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I am become Death ICON

Sorry, no, this isn't a fic post; the newest season (the fourth) of Atlantis has begun, and lo! The showrunners just about killed Dr Weir off themselves in their eagerness to haul Sam Carter into the Commander's Chair in Atlantis!  

I know to some/many, no matter how loathesome Weir's command abilties were, she was, at least, Atlantis's loathesomely, badly written female commander. She was the leader whom we loved to hate, but in whom we could see the possibilities.

Carter, though? - Is SG-1's Colonel Mistake, and appears to be transferring all her bad habits of arrogance, bad personal  judgement and blonde superiority to Atlantis. There is no humorous fun in killing Carter off: she is not a love-to-hate kind of character, not anymore. Carter is more of a hate-to-hate character. Where's the fun in that? There's no tongue in cheek. There's no slight roll to the eyeballs. There's little humor in the situation.

Long live Dr Weir, may she be around long enough to be a huge pain in the tuchas to Col. Carter!
  • Ick

    For me, the Great Schoolmarm Weir was never a patch on the story telling obscenity that was Mary Sue Carter. Seriously! It takes effort to make a canon character into a complete, must-die Mary Sue, but the dooodz @ Bridge were willing to expend at least that much sweat over the writing on SG-1.

    I'm still here to watch, in a train-wreck sort of fascination, to see if the fanservice to Sam'n'Jack shippers holds, and Sam stays "faithful" to her man, or if the Bridge short term memory issues apply even to their own story lines and the Golden One starts Pavlovian panting after the local Colonel.
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