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Kill Dr. Weir


Kill Dr. Weir

"I am become Death"


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Open Season! That's right it's open season on Weir and she must be killed in the month of January using your plot bunnies for hunting! ooohh! ahh! It's a deer no wait, it's Weir!

Good luck!

You may submit icons, wallpapers, or fics as per usual.

Also, this open season challenge is another way of saying this will be the last challenge I post. From now on Kill Weir will be come as you are. So if a plot bunny pops up and you wish to share in the future please do!

Thanks to those who've contributed to past challenges and I hope that we will get more fics in the future!
  • WTF?

    What the...? Why the heck to you want to kill Elizabeth?! She's the best character and with out her the show would suck.....are you on medication? Just askin....lol

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